The Challenge

Welcome to The Challenge! Discover the hidden passphrase inside our VOD/VOD2live streams. Hunt for the clues that lead you through The Challenge. Find words along the way then submit your answer. The first 3 participants who crack the code will have the option to choose a great prize. There’s also a bonus limited edition T-shirt for the first 100 registrations. Not into T-shirts? You can choose that we make a donation to "Code your Future" instead. Not into good causes or swag? Well, there’s nothing wrong in playing for honour! Register now for your first clue. Have fun!

Note: the data you provide will only be used for the Unified Streaming Challenge

What to win?

Prizes for the first 3 who solve “The Challenge”

1st Place
choose between.

2nd Place
choose between.

3rd Place
choose between.

Creativity Prize
choose between.

And of course recognition of your creativity

Note: Winners will be contacted individually to discuss choice of prize and disclosure of country of residence and or name.


  1. Be nice, don't break our system
  2. Challenge starts March 26, 4 PM CET and ends 30th April 4PM CET
  3. Registration is required to participate
  4. The first 100 registered participants can choose a free T-shirt or can donate to Code Your Future
  5. To receive the T-shirt we need your postal address
  6. Winners can choose not to have their name published, but we will minimally publish their country of origin.
  7. Winners will be contacted to discuss the choice of prize, delivery details and choice of publicity.
  8. There will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes and only one prize per participant.
  9. The 4th prize will be given for creativity which will be decided by Unified Streaming
  10. Prizes will be awarded to the first legitimate and successful participants.
  11. The competition is open to everyone except employees of Unified Streaming.
  12. Participants must not procure help from Unified Streaming employees.